Family Photographer in Baltimore

mother and newborn baby

Handsome little baby Meir was a dream to photograph! My youngest son’s name is also Meir, so I felt connected to this little cutie right away! The proud big siblings were so happy to hold their baby and pose with him. After we got some gorgeous family

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7 Week Newborn Baby Photos

newborn baby smile

Elisse and Brian contacted me about a newborn photo session when their baby was six weeks old. They wanted newborn photos, yet they had been so busy with all the myriad of things that come along with giving birth to a new life! Most of my newborn

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Personal Family Photos

Baltimore, Maryland family photographer

Would you believe me if I told you that this session was the very first time I took professional photos of all of my kids together? Now the proverbial shoemaker’s kids have shoes! It’s not that I haven’t tried. I saw an incredible location in downtown Baltimore,

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The Best Newborn Photographer!

best newborn baby photographer

As soon as this gorgeous mom contacted me about her upcoming baby’s birth, she was effusive about her praise for my photos! It was so much fun to do a newborn photo session that was punctuated every few moments with, “Chaya, you are so talented!” and “OMG,

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Newborn Baby Maryland

newborn baby photographer in Baltimore, Maryland

When I met Krystle, she was a beautiful seven months pregnant, and so excited to add a baby girl to her family! Beautiful baby Rowan arrived right on schedule, and was just as sleepy as can be. The proud big brother Weston, at two years old, preferred

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Baby Photographer in Baltimore

McKenzie was so pretty and sleepy, I don’t think I saw her eyes open once during her entire newborn photo session! She was content to stay with her sweet dreams while being transitioned from a basket, to a fur rug, a tiny bed, and then to her

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Newborn Baby Photographer

Chaya Braun Photography Maryland

I remember the exact moment when I first spoke to this beautiful mom, Zoraida. I was driving home from visiting my father in a rehab facility, following his surgery, and Zoraida’s phone call was just what I needed to distract me! Zoraida described what kind of photos

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Newborn Baby Boy

Baltimore baby photographer

When Brittany contacted me during her pregnancy about newborn photos for her upcoming newborn baby, she told me about a special wall in her living room that celebrated all the seasons with family photos. Although I generally only work in my studio, I told her that I’d

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Cake Smash Birthday

Cakesmah photographer

Baby Ezzy turned ONE! Happy Birthday! Wow, time really flew this year — it seems like just last week that Ezzy was here for his newborn photos! Why did a year take so long when I was a kid, and now a year flies by in the

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Awake One Month Old Baby!

awake newborn baby photo in Maryland

Baby Tani had the most striking eyes! He looked at me with such an incredibly sharp gaze that I felt he could penetrate my soul! Newborn babies typically cannot yet focus their eyes, yet Tani was very advanced in this area! He was a joy to photograph,

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