There’s something incredibly cute about newborn twins, and I must admit that I did wish for twins at the beginning of some of my pregnancies! When Jacqui called me that she had newborn twins, I did a happy dance!

James and Ari had been born a few weeks early, so they were a month old by the time they were ready for their newborn photo shoot. Newborn baby twins photography entails a lot more work that simply doubling a singleton session, and I made sure that my assistant Kayla was available for this session! Not only are we working with 2 babies, we also have to keep in mind the relative positions of each baby with regard to the other, so that they are equidistant from the camera, and their faces are proportionate!

James and Ari were very content babies, and they alternated between deep sleep and being super alert. Sometimes they seemed to be on the same schedule, yet other times one would wake up just as the other would fall asleep! Mom and Dad were very relaxed and it was a pleasure to be in their company. (I’m quite sure that I would not be so calm if I had just given birth to twins!)

My favorite image is on the light blue blanket, where they are wrapped in matching fabric, and James is hugging his little twin brother Ari! I love the raw simplicity of the image, and the strong bond that these twins will always have.

If you know someone expecting newborn baby twins, send them my way for their photo session! There’s never any extra charge for multiples!

newborn twins photography

newborn twins photography

dad holding newborn baby twins

parents holding newborn twins photography

mom holding newborn twins

newborn baby twins photos

newborn baby twins photography

newborn twins in a basket

newborn twins photography

smiling newborn baby

newborn baby in a basket