The beautiful mother of these twin newborn babies, CG, called me to book her newborn photo session several months before they were born. CG told me that they were keeping the gender of the babies a surprise, which is always exciting for me as a photographer!

(I find that over 90% of my clients do share the baby’s gender with me, so we can plan colors, and I love surprises! My husband always wanted to know our kids’ gender, so we took turns, and had 2 out of 4 kids who were amazing surprises!)

When CG gave birth to beautiful twin girls, I was thrilled! I’ve photographed several sets of newborn twins; some were boy/girl twins, and others were boy/boy sets; yet I’d never photographed twin girls!

The baby girls were in the NICU for just a few days, and they were able to come to their session at just 2 weeks old.

As you can see, Jonathan, the proud father of the twins, is a volunteer firefighter. He brought in several firefighting props, and we ended up posing the babies with their chins resting on their arms over their toy firetruck.

The baby girls, Yonina and Kayla slept through most of their session, and their parents wake them every few hours for their feedings! At the end of the session, they opened their eyes and got a bit fussy. They seemed to love being together, and were soothed be each other’s presence.

We got a few smiles out of the twins, as you can see! I love the one where they’re in the wood basket with the magenta wool stuffing. My own babies hardly ever smiled until they were a month old, so I feel so blessed to capture newborn smiles!

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