Ethan was three weeks new when he arrived at the Chaya Braun Photography studio in a deep sleep. Ethan only opened his eyes for a few minutes, and I was glad that I was able to capture that moment!

Mom and Dad wanted to focus on the color blue to match Ethan’s nursery, with a bit of neutral gray to match their living room decor.

I love that his parents chose the photo where he is sucking on his pacifier — most parents are only looking for picture-perfect photos; however, the pacifier in his mouth is a gorgeous photo of reality!

When Ethan is holding the teddy bear, it really looks like he loves them and is hugging them tight. Did you notice that little smirk on Ethan’s face in the family photo? Newborn babies smile so randomly, that I always feel so blessed when I’m able to capture those tiny expressions of happiness!

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