When I saw Alyssa and Brandon Williams’ gender reveal party on Instagram, I was hoping that I’d be chosen to photograph their first girl! A few weeks later, Alyssa reached out to me about a newborn photo shoot, and I was excited to work with this wonderful family once again!

As a mom of 3 boys, and then one girl, I know how thrilling it is to have your first princess! As can be expected, lots of pink, purple, and flowers were requested for Rami’s newborn shoot.

Rami was ten adorable pounds of cheeks, so chubby and cute! She slept through the majority of her session, and woke up for just a few minutes at a time. Big brothers Ryder and Nash were so proud to hug their new baby.

Sometimes people ask me what it’s like to work with famous clients. My experience with the Williams family was absolutely wonderful; they were so down to earth and kind!

Three year old Nash had gotten so big since his newborn session; it’s always incredible to realize how much babies change in those first few years! That’s why it’s essential to capture your baby’s moments as a newborn — in just a few weeks she won’t fit into your arms like this anymore! Babies grow and change with lightning speed during their first months, and each stage brings new adorable milestones that you’ll want to remember with gorgeous photos!

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