This beautiful family contacted me regarding a newborn photo session when the baby was almost a month old! Normally, babies visit the studio for their newborn session when they are about 1-2 weeks old, and they still curl up into womb-like poses in little baskets.

As this had been a rough pregnancy with many health challenges with the baby being born a few weeks early, Mom was not up to scheduling a newborn photo session until now, and she was very worried that it may be too late to capture beautiful newborn photos. I reassured her that I never turn down newborns because they are older than two weeks; however, I set expectations that they may be more alert and less likely to curl into a variety of different poses. Mom was absolutely thrilled to hear this, and we scheduled the session for a mutually convenient date the following week.

This was the email that the mom sent me, as she had been worried that she’d missed the window for newborn photos:

I have been super concerned that we missed the window on newborn photos since she’ll be a month old next week. So having you tell me this morning that you go off of due date (hers is September 26th) was the very best news! We got off the phone and I texted my husband, Kris immediately…haha! We couldn’t be more excited!!!

The proud big sister Rylin, and big brother Tilman, were absolutely thrilled to hold their little addition to the family, baby Dillon. We got a variety of beautiful photos with the big siblings, and then Dillon alternated between staring right at me and deep, peaceful, slumber. Since she was already 12 pounds, and older than my average newborn, she needed to be swaddled for most of the session, and she was quite content to be wrapped. I always wonder if being swaddled reminds babies of their relaxing time in the womb!

I always ask parents if they’d like to bring a special toy or book for the big siblings to hold in their solo photos. Mom asked if it would be possible to photograph 5-year-old Rylin in her wedding gown, which was something I’d never attempted before! I was up for the challenge, yet I suggested that we save that for the very end of the session, so that it wouldn’t take the place of the newborn photos they wanted so badly. Rylin looks adorable in her mom’s gown, and I know that it will be a photo that they will treasure forever!

Enjoy the gorgeous photos of this lovely family!

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