If I had an award for the client who booked their newborn session the earliest, it would definitely go to Sharan, the beautiful mother of baby Suri! Sharan was just 8 weeks pregnant when she called me to book her baby’s first photo shoot!

Little Suri arrived at the studio wide-eyed, and we got several photos with incredible eye contact. Then she fell into a gentle sleep, and I photographed her with the stunning flowers that Sharan brought along to the session. There’s something so special about a new baby with fresh, natural blooms. Parents are always welcome to bring flowers, plants, or other greenery to photo shoots; I love incorporating natural elements in my studio.

I absolutely adore the way the photo of Suri in the flowered dreamcatcher turned out! Suri was safe at all times; that photo is a composite of 2 photographs that I put together in Photoshop — she was never actually hanging in mid-air!

Sharan did not plan to be in any photos, and I was unsuccessful at trying to convince her to pose for just one photo! So I did the next best thing, and I had Sharan and her husband hold Suri against my light, and we got a beautiful back-lit photo of the tiny baby being cradled by her parents’ hands.

You can never be too early to book your newborn photographer!

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