When my brother and sister-in-law told me that they were expecting twins, I was so excited. However, I was also worried – they live in Cleveland, Ohio. Would I be able to make the trip 7 hours away to photograph the babies as newborns?

I made tentative plans to visit them when the babies were 2 weeks old, but then the older baby was hospitalized with RSV. It took a few more weeks for things to calm down, and then the whole family decided to visit me in Baltimore for a short weekend! The babies were 7 and a half weeks old, so I kept them swaddled and managed to get these 2 poses while their 2 and 4 year old big siblings gave us a few minutes of peace.

Meet my handsome nephews, Joseph and Aryeh – each named for one of my dear grandfathers. They’re fraternal twins, and the most adorable little boys ever!

twin newborn boys

twin babies photos