Baby Photographer

Newborn baby photographer in Baltimore, Maryland

If I had an award for the client who booked their newborn session the earliest, it would definitely go to Sharan, the beautiful mother of baby Suri! Sharan was just 8 weeks pregnant when she called me to book her baby’s first photo shoot! Little Suri arrived

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Twins Newborn Photographer

smiling twin newborn babies

The beautiful mother of these twin newborn babies, CG, called me to book her newborn photo session several months before they were born. CG told me that they were keeping the gender of the babies a surprise, which is always exciting for me as a photographer! (I

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The Best Newborn Photographer!

best newborn baby photographer

As soon as this gorgeous mom contacted me about her upcoming baby’s birth, she was effusive about her praise for my photos! It was so much fun to do a newborn photo session that was punctuated every few moments with, “Chaya, you are so talented!” and “OMG,

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Newborn Baby Maryland

newborn baby photographer in Baltimore, Maryland

When I met Krystle, she was a beautiful seven months pregnant, and so excited to add a baby girl to her family! Beautiful baby Rowan arrived right on schedule, and was just as sleepy as can be. The proud big brother Weston, at two years old, preferred

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Newborn Baby Photographer

Chaya Braun Photography Maryland

I remember the exact moment when I first spoke to this beautiful mom, Zoraida. I was driving home from visiting my father in a rehab facility, following his surgery, and Zoraida’s phone call was just what I needed to distract me! Zoraida described what kind of photos

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