Marlee came into the studio as a model for a workshop that I taught to an aspiring newborn photographer from New York. My friend Sori, who had recently had a newborn baby, referred Marlee to me, as I was looking for a baby who was 1-2 weeks of age in order to teach this class. I offer private, hands-on, newborn mentoring in my studio, starting at $1,600 – contact me for more information if you’d like to improve your newborn photography skills!

Beautiful baby Ava was a joy to work with! She opened her eyes and gave me a slight smirk while her mom was holding her, which resulted in one of my most favorite photos ever – both mother and newborn daughter are smiling together!

For most of the rest of the session, Ava slept soundly while I showed my student how to pose newborn babies correctly. Towards the end of the session, Ava woke up, so I swaddled her, and then we captured that adorable yawn and direct eye contact on the pink blanket! Some of my newborn clients hardly open their eyes throughout the session, so I’m always glad to be able to capture at least one open-eyed photo, especially when the baby looks directly at the camera, as Ava did!

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