I’m extremely grateful to Abbie Sophia who referred this gorgeous family to me! Abbie and the incredible mom of these twins had been friends back in Ohio, and although Abbie and I have not yet met in person, we are terrific online friends!

Twins always fascinate me, and I was honored to capture Benji and Judah when they were 4 weeks old. We waited until they were both above 5 lbs to do their session, as they were born at 4lb4oz (Judah) and 3lb10oz (Benji).

There’s something indescribably amazing about photographing newborn babies, and having two of them together takes the whole experience to a whole new level! Mom was interested in photos of both boys together, so I didn’t focus on images of each baby alone. Benji and Judah seemed at peace with one another, and were very comfortable when I posed them next to one another.

I love how Benji opened his eyes and looked directly at Judah in the driftwood basket. When I posted that photo on Instagram, I captioned it, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” and my followers loved it!

The photo where both boys are wrapped in cream on a matching cream blanket took a while. I had seen a similar photo by another photographer and was intent on capturing this pose! The twins started out wide awake and fidgety on this blanket, and I gently rocked them to sleep. It probably took me nearly 30 minutes to get both boys posed, and it is one of my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken!