Would you believe me if I told you that this session was the very first time I took professional photos of all of my kids together? Now the proverbial shoemaker’s kids have shoes!

It’s not that I haven’t tried. I saw an incredible location in downtown Baltimore, with an archway made of dried bamboo, where I wanted to take photos of my children. I showed the picture to my sons, and they just groaned. It was the same story every time that I asked them to come with me to a park for a few minutes. There was such loud groaning that I simply gave up. I have to pick my battles!

One day, I told the kids that we’re going downstairs to the studio for a few minutes for photos. They were not pleased, but I persisted! And I’m so thrilled that I did!

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey just wreaked mind boggling devastation, and I kept reading about how most objects could be purchased anew, yet lost family photos can never be replaced. If you have gotten professional photos of your while, do it soon. You don’t need a reason. There are some things that you deserve, simply because you exist! Document your children’s growth and book a family photographer soon!

Next year, I plan to hire a photographer, so that I can be in the photos too — as you can see, I got a gorgeous shot of my husband with the four kids, but I am glaringly missing. I don’t know how to use a tripod and remote trigger — perhaps I should study that too!

A few days after this session, I took my daughter to a gorgeous cherry blossom tree wearing a pink cherry blossom dress. I bought that dress nearly a year earlier, with the intention of using it when the trees are blooming in their pink beauty! There was no way my teen sons were going to come with me to an outdoor session shortly after the studio session, but 4 year old Esther will do almost anything for a lollipop!

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