I actually stole this idea from another photographer who posted a similar composite of her daughter in a photography group on Facebook. So, although this girl is mine, the concept is not!

Chaya Braun Photography

Sunday morning was an opportune time for this photo shoot, as my daughter Esther tends to be in a happy mood in the mornings.

Esther modeled clothing for B’Dazzle, a local children’s clothing boutique here in Baltimore. I chose solid colored dresses, although that was challenging for me to do — there were so many beautiful dresses with patterns at B’Dazzle! Esther wears a size 3T for the most part, but some of the brands fit her better in size 2T, so we had a modeling session at B’Dazzle while I tried several dresses on her.

My 14-year-old son helped me with this photo session. When you see Esther making eye contact or whispering to someone on her side, my son was there, and I had to Photoshop him out!

Editing each individual photo was a breeze; I simply lowered highlights and raised shadows, as I do for most photos. Compositing all the photos together was a challenge! I had to make sure that Esther was the same size while wearing each dress, and that all the photos were aligned properly. I also switched the order of the photos a few times, as I wanted a spread of bright and subdued colors.

The forth Esther from the left was actually a dark navy, almost black, dress and accessories. I changed it to be purple, which is my favorite color. It’s also Esther’s favorite color – sometimes. She changes her mind about her favorite color every other day!

I also included a ‘behind the scenes’ photo of me taking a picture of Esther wearing the teal dress, which my son took with my iphone, so you can see how this happens in the studio!

If you’re interested in a composite photo like this, showcasing your child’s different outfits and personalities, contact me to book your special photo session. I ordered a 36×12″ panoramic canvas, which you can see Esther holding below.

Enjoy these photos of my little princess. Truthfully, she isn’t so little anymore — she’ll be turning 4 soon!

Chaya Braun Photography in Baltimore

Esther wearing a red dress

photo of Esther wearing purple and looking confident

Pretty three year old girl in hot pink

beautiful three year old girl

Esther being Esther!

Photo of Esther

photo of three year old girl spinning around

Esther holding 36x12 inch canvas

Esther holding her canvas up