When these twins’ grandmother contacted me about a newborn session, my schedule was virtually full; however I dearly love multiples and cleared a few hours for them. Esti and Ahron were already 4 weeks old when they arrived at the studio, and they had been born at almost 7 lbs each at 39 weeks!

There’s something indescribably awesome about twin babies. You can see immediately that they share an incredible bond with one another. As you look at their photos, you can almost feel their special relationship.

Since the babies were older than the usual 1-2 weeks of age for typical newborn portraits, I kept them swaddled until the last image on the teal blanket. They alternated between sleeping, staring at me, and eating. They tended to get fussy just as the other one fell into a peaceful sleep, so it took quite a while to get both of them relaxed for each setup!

Their very calm mom was so relaxed, you’d never guess that she had just gotten married less than a year earlier, and went from a family of 2 to 4 so quickly! She took an iphone image of me working, that I included below for you.

How absolutely gorgeous are these babies?!

PS There’s never an extra fee for multiples, as I love working with them so much!