This little baby girl shared the same name as my daughter, Esther! True to her name, she was as pretty and regal as a princess!

Little Esther slept soundly through a variety of poses, and had the most striking long black hair!

I was especially grateful to her for posing perfectly for the photo where she is hanging in the air. The reality was that she was laying on a black piece of fabric, and I took the photo looking down at her. Safety is always a priority at Chaya Braun Photography’s studio, and she was always safe and sound! I worked some Photoshop magic to make it seem as though she actually hanging vertically!

Enjoy these photos of newborn Esther!

pretty sleepy newborn baby

Sleeping newborn baby girl in pretty bonnet

Chaya Braun Photography newborn baby girl

newborn baby girl in Baltimore

Chaya Braun Photography

beautiful sleeping baby girl