When I finished this newborn photo session, and I picked up my daughter Esther from daycare, I realized that it was the perfect day for new photos of her! I knew that the flowers I’d used to decorate the dream-catcher would soon wilt and fade, and I love incorporating flowers in photos of girls.

If you follow my studio on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll be familiar with my only daughter Esther, as I post photos of her every so often.

Esther looked radiant in this Dollcake dress, and gave me a few genuine smiles in between many laughs and funny faces! I may or may not have given her a few candies for the sake of these photos:)

I just realized that I haven’t posted Esther’s photos on this blog in a very long time — check out this old post to see how much she’s grown!

When Esther sat on the small brown stool, she posed herself, and she said to me, “Mommy, I’m going to sit backwards, but you can still see me cuz I’m going to turn sidewards!”

happy 3 year old girl

photographer's daughter

Chaya Braun Photography

little girl holding pink rose

girl with flowers