As soon as this gorgeous mom contacted me about her upcoming baby’s birth, she was effusive about her praise for my photos! It was so much fun to do a newborn photo session that was punctuated every few moments with, “Chaya, you are so talented!” and “OMG, Chaya, you’re the best newborn photographer in the world!”

Sweet little Yonason was not quite in the mood of a photo shoot when he was carried into my studio; however, he settled down fairly soon. Big sister Adira loved the little pram, and enjoying pushing it — quickly! So I improvised, and took a photo of Adira pushing the pram with her teddy bear in it, and then I took another photo of Yonason in the pram alone, and worked my Photoshop magic to merge them together into a gorgeous piece of art that this family will always treasure!

I always tell clients to dress in solid and coordinating colors — there’s no need to match, but the colors should look good together! If you’re feeling unsure, you can always email me photos of your clothing, and I’ll be glad to help you choose. Or you can do what some of my clients do, and bring along a whole suitcase of clothing options, and then I’ll help you decide on what’s best here at the studio! This family chose a stunning combination of neutral colors, so I swaddled the baby in a coordinating deep gray wrap, and their family portrait is simply fabulous!

Mom loved teddy bears, (and so do I!) so we did a few photos with my knitted teddy bears. I love how baby’s tiny hand is hugging the little bear!

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