When Alyssa was 7 months pregnant and called to book her upcoming newborn session, she mentioned that her fiance may not be able to attend, as he plays football and is in training. It was later in the conversation, after we discussed how she’s feeling, her due date, and style preferences, that it dawned on me that her fiance is Brandon Williams — a player for the Baltimore Ravens!

It was truly an honor to host an NFL player! As it turned out, Alyssa was not up to being in any photos when the family arrived with one-week-old adorable Nash, so she returned a week later for her gorgeous photos.

4 year old big brother Ryder was so proud to care for his new baby! When Ryder was a newborn, back when the family lived in Arkansas, they had a photo taken where Ryder lay on Brandon’s back. So we recreated the same photo, and now the family has a 40 inch canvas of each baby on Dad’s back, displayed side-by-side!

Nash was very sleepy for most of the session, yet I also managed to get a few photos of him with his eyes wide open. He had excellent eye contact for such a little baby!

Of course, it was important to get the photo of Nash laying on a football! It’s not easy to pose a baby on a football, and Nash kept slipping down while the football rolled away — but I was persistent, and the end result is a beautiful portrait that will be treasured forever! Obviously, Ryder also needed a matching photo where he held the football!

Enjoy these photos of this very special family, that is constantly giving back to the community in so many ways!

newborn baby on football

Brandon Williams and newborn baby photo Baltimore Ravens

baby in dreamcatcher

awake newborn baby boy

newborn baby boy photo

Boy and his football


newborn baby and brother

newborn baby boy on heirloom blanket

newborn baby and mom lying on rug

newborn baby looking at mother

newborn baby photos in Baltimore

newborn baby sleeping

newborn baby with teddy bear

sleeping newborn baby in a bucket