As a mom of three sons, I was thrilled to photograph these handsome brothers with their newborn baby! There’s nothing quite like the bond that brothers who are close in age share with one another!

The proud 2 and 4 year old were much more interested in playing with the studio’s toys than posing for me; however, all I need is 1/250th of a second of cooperation! (That’s the speed of my camera’s shutter!)

This adorable baby came to the studio at just a few days old, and he was not yet even named at his newborn photo session!

Mom asked for tones of gray as well as navy blue. This was the first time I used the navy blue wool stuffing in the nest, as most of my clients request pastel colors; and I love how the image turned out!

At the end of the session, we got perfect eye contact in the setup with the teddy bears! Newborn babies don’t always open their eyes fully, and when they do, they’re often not focused, so this photo was a real blessing! I love the contrast of the awake photo with the same setup and baby is sleeping — if these were my photos, I would hang both of those images side by side in the nursery!

Enjoy these photos of these darling brothers!

Awake newborn baby with teddy bears

sleeping newborn baby with teddy bears

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