Milestone Portrait Pricing

Milestone sessions generally take place at 4 months (pushing up on tummy), 7 months (sitting independently), and 1 year for a first birthday celebration! Each child develops at their own pace, so we schedule sessions according to their stages, rather than ages.

Each milestone captures the unique energy of your baby’s stage.

Baby Plan photos

At 4 months of age, babies still have that adorable baby face, yet they can make perfect eye contact and give delicious smiles!

The sitter stage, at about 7 months, is when babies show us a variety of expressions. They are usually not yet crawling (or at least not too fast!), so we can capture an incredible variety of the funny faces your baby loves to make: happy, excited, kissing, surprised, and laughing!

When your baby is a year old, you’ve completed a huge milestone and survived that first magical year! This is a time to celebrate with birthday photos that showcase your baby’s entrance into the world of toddlerhood! Many parents choose to have a cake smash photo session, while others include classic portraits along with the exuberance that comes with a messy cake and helium balloons!

Milestone sessions start at $500, and you can access additional saving by joining the Chaya Braun Photography Baby Plan. Contact us to find out more!