I remember the exact moment when I first spoke to this beautiful mom, Zoraida. I was driving home from visiting my father in a rehab facility, following his surgery, and Zoraida’s phone call was just what I needed to distract me!

Zoraida described what kind of photos she wanted: simple poses where the baby is laying on a blanket or in a basket, without an abundance of complicated props. I was thrilled to hear that, since that’s exactly the style I strive for as a newborn photographer!

When beautiful little Eva was finally born, several months later, I had several gorgeous setups prepared for this newborn princess. We used lots of shades of pink, and some neutral colors as well, for a timeless look.

Eva was a champ; she slept through most of her photos, and then gave me some perfect eye contact for a few poses! I absolutely adore the photo where she is smiling in the bed! I think this is the first time I photographed a newborn baby who was smiling and making great eye contact simultaneously!

Enjoy these precious memories of adorable Eva and her lovely family.

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