Baltimore Newborn Baby Photographer

newborn photographer Baltimore

A beautiful combination of fresh and faux flowers surround this sweet baby girl. There’s something magical about gorgeous flowers and pretty little girls together! Little Atara was just 11 days old at this session. If you’re interested in having photos take of your newborn, contact me at

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Twin Newborn Babies

twin babies photos

When my brother and sister-in-law told me that they were expecting twins, I was so excited. However, I was also worried – they live in Cleveland, Ohio. Would I be able to make the trip 7 hours away to photograph the babies as newborns? I made tentative

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Sweet Baby Girl

newborn baby

This little princess was just a week old when she visited the studio. She was actually a model for a workshop that I taught, and a perfect model too! Her dark hair reminded me of my own children’s similar hair when they were newborns, and I love

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Beautiful Baby Emma

baltimore photographer

Beautiful baby Emma recently visited the studio with her family. I was so excited when she was born, since her gender had been a surprise! Two out of four of my kids were surprises – I think being surprised at birth is so much fun. Emma hardly

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Sweet Baby Becca

girl and newborn hugging love

Meet sweet baby Becca, only eleven days old! Becca came to the studio for a newborn photography workshop that I taught, and she was the perfect little model. After we photographed the whole family, we got beautiful poses of Becca together with her three year old big

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