Baby Ezzy turned ONE! Happy Birthday!

Wow, time really flew this year — it seems like just last week that Ezzy was here for his newborn photos! Why did a year take so long when I was a kid, and now a year flies by in the blink of an eye? I love watching this baby grow up throughout the year!

Okay, enough philosophizing – for now!

Ezzy’s mom brought this delicious cake, huge pom poms, and silver balloons. Ezzy was seriously overwhelmed at first, but then he calmed down and we got lots of happy smiles! I’m so glad that his mom practiced with a cupcake at home, so that the idea of smashing something and licking the frosting was already familiar to him. These practice sessions (which I recommend you do in the high chair, before bath-time!) can make the difference between a teary-eyed cake smash versus a happy session!

I love the crown that Ezzy is wearing; he looks like a little prince, don’t you think?

Are you thinking about scheduling a cake smash for your child? Contact me to discuss your vision!

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