When Eliana’s mother contacted me to schedule her newborn photos, she was concerned that she was too late to get an appointment in the near future. Luckily, I had an opening for the following Monday, and we proceeded to discuss styles and colors.

On Sunday, the day before the photo session, big brother Liam chipped his front tooth! Mom called me frantically, and luckily I was able to clear my schedule for Wednesday so that Liam’s tooth could be fixed on Monday!

After all that drama, this session was very calm and uneventful. Baby Eliana was a perfect little doll. She cried this loud squawking kind of sound whenever she was on her stomach, so we got a beautiful gallery with poses on her side or back! Even when she was in a deep sleep on her back, if I turned her over onto her tummy for a pose, she immediately erupted in protest!

Not every baby is amenable to every pose. I always tell clients that babies are little people; they’re all individuals with their own preferences!

Another lesson from this story: Book your newborn sessions when you are in your second trimester! My calendar fills up quickly, and babies are only newborns for a few short weeks!

Enjoy these photos of this gorgeous newborn girl!

newborn baby with family posing

smiling newborn baby and big brother

beautiful newborn baby mint green blanket

Chaya Braun Photography photos

Eliana - pretty sleepy newborn baby

close up newborn baby photo

beautiful newborn photo

newborn baby in Baltimore, Maryland

gorgeous newborn baby girl in purple

mother and newborn baby posing

newborn baby with big brother