Baby Tani had the most striking eyes! He looked at me with such an incredibly sharp gaze that I felt he could penetrate my soul!

Newborn babies typically cannot yet focus their eyes, yet Tani was very advanced in this area!

He was a joy to photograph, and at the very end of his session he fell into a deep sleep. I suppose that staring at me so intensely was tiring for a tiny baby!

While most of the newborn babies who visit my studio are about 1-2 weeks old, Tani was already 4 weeks old when his mom arranged his newborn session. Never worry that your baby is “too old” for newborn photos! While most babies will pose more easily in the first few weeks of life, I’d consider any baby under about 6 weeks of age to still be a true newborn!

The beautiful photo where Tani is swaddled in white, making perfect eye contact, got the most likes on Instagram of any photo I’ve ever posted!

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