Amanda contacted me about a newborn photo shoot several weeks before her son was born. We attempted to connect via phone, yet we didn’t reach another, and then baby Christian was born early! So, when this beautiful family arrived at the studio, I was pleased to find that they were incredibly warm and friendly, being that I had never even spoken to them before!

Amanda sent me photos of Christian’s nursery, which is so helpful to me as a newborn photographer. I was able to match the colors that were used in Christian’s nursery decor: shades of blue, teal, and white. Since the parents wore black, I chose to use a dark mocha backdrop for the family portraits, which makes the emotions take center stage!

Handsome little Christian slept through most of his session like a champ! He gave us a few smiles, as you can see on the white backgrounds, which always make me feel so blessed! Newborn smiles happen so randomly, and more often than not, I notice them fleetingly while my camera is not in my hands — so I’m doubly grateful to be able to capture those tiny smiles! I just love the kissy face he made when he was in the bucket with the blue blanket! Christian opened his eyes wide and made perfect eye contact in the photo with the blue teddy bear, which belonged to his Dad Gjon when he was a baby!

I’m grateful to the lovely parents Amanda and Gjon for taking some behind-the-scenes photos for me, and I included one here, so you can get a broader picture of what happens at a newborn shoot! If you follow my account on Instagram, you’ll find lots of behind-the-scenes photos, and I’ve found that clients love understanding a bit about how these magical portraits are created!

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